May 29, 2013
The Republican Party’s Ken Cuccinelli problem …

So Ken Cuccinelli, for those of you who don’t know, is the Republican candidate for Governor this year.

He’s currently the Attorney General for Virginia, and is, unsurprisingly, a conservative. I mean, A CONSERVATIVE. I mean, I’m not sure you’re getting…

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    Fantastic analysis on the problems of the far right in the Republican Party and I’m ashamed of my home state for falling...
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  4. innovation-today said: just get name recognition and popularity, he can win. If Mark Warner or Tim Kaine were running for governor again, Cuccinelli would be finished.
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  6. skandranen said: it amazes me the parallel between many middle eastern extremist groups and the republican party, they are both hell-bent on dragging their countries backwards.
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    I’m a Virginian, and not a fan of Cuccinelli or McAuliffe to be quite honest about it. But, I know how bad Cuccinelli...
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    We’re talking about an Attorney General is Ken Cuccinelli who has told Virginia’s universities that they don’t have the...
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