May 11, 2013
Another day in Gunmerica: May 10, 2013

From Joe Nocera, New York Times

A 3-year-old girl was shot in S.E. Washington, D.C., Thursday evening. The child, who was shot while on a balcony, was breathing when she was taken to the hospital. Police believe she was hit by a stray bullet. They have a description of the suspect.


D.C. police are investigating a triple shooting on Eastern Avenue Thursday evening. The shootings happened just before 7 p.m. and the victims included an adult male and two younger men. A police cruiser collided with another vehicle while responding to the incident, sending two officers to the hospital.


Police in Newburgh, N.Y., are investigating a double shooting Thursday, less than a week after a fatal triple shooting. Two men were injured after they were shot inside a house where a marijuana distribution center was discovered.

News 12

Two men who were fatally shot in Monroe County, Ga., Wednesday were likely killed during a robbery. 36-year-old Russell Jacobs and 40-year-old Pittman Woods were found dead at their house by Woods’s father. Police have not yet identified any suspects.

Two people were injured Thursday morning after a fight escalated to a shooting at an apartment complex in Phoenix, Ariz. A group of people got into a fight at the apartment and shots were fired. The shooter fled before police arrived. The victims are expected to survive.

A 23-year-old man is in critical condition after he was shot several times in West Philadelphia’s Belmont Section early Thursday evening. Police found the victim sitting in the driver’s seat of a Chevy Impala that had crashed into a set of concrete steps in front of a row house. He was bleeding from at least three gunshot wounds to the upper torso and shoulder. He is in critical condition.

39-year-old Felix DeJesus was shot inside his car and killed in Hartford, Conn., Thursday. The victim was apparently in the capital city to sell electronics to someone he met online. Officers are looking into information from members of the victim’s family.

A woman was shot inside a car and wounded in Bessemer, Ala., Thursday morning. Police say two suspects followed the victim’s car from a gas station after gunfire between the cars was exchanged. The driver of the victim’s vehicle and a small child inside were not injured in the shooting. The victim was taken to a hospital.

Fox 6 WBRC

Jerrick Jackson, 46, was gunned down at his northwest Atlanta, Ga., home Tuesday, after a robbery. Thieves took a wallet and a purse but wanted more. When Jackson told them not to go upstairs because his fiancé’s daughter was there, he was shot in front of his fiancé several times. Newly released surveillance video shows men using the victim’s fiancé’s stolen debit card after the shooting.

A San Diego, Calif., resident opened fire on a man vandalizing a market, injuring him and leading to his own arrest on criminal charges. Antonio Barragan heard the commotion outside the Cloverleaf Market, grabbed his semi-automatic FN-57 and left his home to investigate. Norson Obet, 30, was injured, and Barragan was arrested. He faces an assault with a deadly weapon charge.


A 23-year-old East Chicago, Ind., man was shot late Wednesday night and died shortly thereafter in a local emergency room. Carlos Velez III, was shot multiple times. Detectives are following up on leads in the case.

Springfield, Ill., police are investigating the city’s second shooting in as many days. A man reported that he and several friends were standing in the front yard of a home about 2:20 a.m. Thursday when they heard gunshots being fired from down the street. The man suffered a gunshot wound to the left wrist, and the same bullet struck him in the chest. Police are still investigating whether Thursday’s shooting is connected to a drive-by shooting shortly before 5 a.m. Wednesday on the same block.

Ricky Robertson was riding his bike in Chicago’s Washington Heights neighborhood on Wednesday night when someone in a passing car opened fire and shot the 47-year-old man dead. Robertson’s body was still in the street as family gathered on a nearby lawn to pray. Nine others were shot across the city Wednesday night.

Huffington Post

A Lincoln County, Ky., teen allegedly shot by her grandfather in a domestic dispute early Thursday morning has been released from the hospital. Monique Brummett, 18, was shot in the upper leg. Her grandfather, Danny Brummett, 66, was found near the home and had an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Markquett Nunn, 30, was shot in the head and killed in the Normandy area of St. Louis, Mo., Wednesday. Nunn’s body was found between two houses. Police are looking for information about a gray Dodge Durango with dark tinted windows.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A homeowner shot and killed an acquaintance Thursday evening in Vancouver, Wash. Several neighbors say they heard three to four gunshots, and told police that they often hear screaming and arguing between a man and a woman at the house.

—oh, and it’s legal for convicted sex offenders to acquire guns in Iowa. Because? Freedom.

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