January 8, 2013
Yo, Stanley McChrystal, you’re not helping!

So retired General Stanley McChrystal, the former commander of US forces in Afghanistan who was fired for making mocking comments about Barack Obama to a reporter for Rolling Stone, has now come out in favor of strong gun control. He, like most moderately sane people, believes that ordinary citizens don’t need combat weapons in the course of daily human life, even if one wants to hunt or defend oneself against an intruder.

McChrystal, no doubt, has forgotten about the gun loonies who believe that if you take weapons away from “the people,” “the government” will almost instantaneously become fascist and/or communist and/or whatever. It’s nonsense—indeed, no established liberal democracy has EVER become fascist or communist—but it’s the paranoid fantasy of one subset of the gun culture in America. (And stop before you start, loonies: Weimar was in no way a stable liberal democracy like the United States.)

So while most reasonable people are likely to see McChrystal as an experienced person advocating the reasonable position that combat weapons do not belong in civilian hands (even as some people disagree with him), the “government is coming to get you” people likely see McChrystal as a former general seeking to disarm the people, probably as a step on the way to creating a fascist, military regime.

McChrystal is the wackadoos’ worst nightmare. Literally. 

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