December 29, 2012
Advice from an old fart …

Recently, I was asked a version of a question I get sometimes: 

  • I’m an aspiring photojournalist, and I’m building my portfolio. I want to do a project … but I don’t know what topic to expose. Any suggestions? Any words of wisdom?

I actually like my answer … so I am sharing it with you.

  • I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I really can’t answer the question you ask. What you need to decide is, what are you passionate about? What makes you care or makes you mad? Then explain that story, first to yourself and then to others. It’s only the things we care about that keep us going in the boring and uninteresting parts of any job/effort/crusade. Unless you’re doing what you care about, then you will not only do a bad job, but your indifference will ensure that no one watching/reading your work will care either. And what’s the point in that?

Have an inspired day!

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    This is great advice, not just for photojournalism, but for any career.
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