December 11, 2012
I know why the movie “Red Tails” bombed at the box office

So when the George Star Wars Lucas-produced movie Red Tails, a depiction of the famous Tuskegee Airmen, bombed at the box office last year, Lucas and others peddled the line that America’s resistance to the movie was the result of its focus on a black fighter squadron in WWII—and thus its essentially all-black cast.

However attractive a narrative that might be for liberals and progressives—MOVIE ABOUT BLACK HEROES STARRING BLACK ACTORS BOMBS IN A RACIST AMERICA, FOR SHAME!!—I have a much simpler explanation for the movie’s failure:

It’s terrible.

I watched it the other day, and I have not seen a worse-acted, worse-written, more stereotype-laden movie in a long time. No one has made such a schlocky war movie since 1943, when the whole industry was engaged in America’s propaganda efforts during WWII. John Wayne’s The Green Berets was a more sophisticated war movie … and it was unadulterated propaganda supporting the US war in Vietnam.

Sometimes movies fail because they’re bad. Red Tails is one of them.

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    Basically. Give me the 90s version anyday. Melody know she ain’t right for not giving her boo some pointers.
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    They traded in truth for action and that don’t fly.
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    Imo George isn’t that great of a director. A writer. Much of anything outside of Star Wars…but only the first two films....
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    I was just showing my homgirl this movie last night, so she can see how bomb this movie was!!! We are both psychology...
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    Yep. And I realized that going in - but I wasn’t aware it would be that…um…Disneyfied. Because it was. The...
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    i thought it was a good movie. it was entertaining but disappointing. there wasn’t enough depth or historical...
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    I started watching it when it premiered on HBO a few weeks ago and I couldn’t even make it through 20 minutes. I wanted...
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    If George Lucas wrote it too.. thats why its shitty and the dialog was bad. Because that all that Lucas knows how to...
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    yes. there are plenty of horrible all white movies that are hits. Adam Sandler keeps making money.
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    Red Tails was — say it with me — a…