November 24, 2012

rightsided said: Yes, because Americans fighting communism and to restore the Republic (and America values) is exactly the same as the terrorist organizations (taliban, al qaeda, hamas, and so on) who use child soldiers, murder civilians, fight attempts to build infrastructure (including schools and hospitals), and attempt to force sharia law onto the regions are the exact same thing. Mhmm.

(I promise, dear readers, that this is the last one) …

So, people get to resist foreign invasions when you agree with them, but they don’t get to resist foreign invasions when you don’t agree with them?

By the way, I imagine you might find some Pakistanis and Yemenis whose children have been killed in American drone strikes who have a less generous interpretation of American motives and methods than the ones you outline …

  1. pentag0nal said: And that’s only going back a decade or so. Let’s not even talk about the residents of Vietnam in the ’60s, or the veterans-turned-protesters who were ashamed of what they’d seen and done. American values, indeed.
  2. shitbagblues said: Why do republicans shout about communism? I live in an ex-communist state and if you had even the smallest understanding of how communism operated, you wouldn’t compare it with Obama’s or any liberal administration.
  3. disheveledwisdom said: so you agree that they have every-right to resist an occupy force as long as they are nice about it. really? or is it just that Americans can’t be wrong ever?
  4. visualamor said: Zing… so good. Ill just sit back and get some popcorn.
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