November 24, 2012

rightsided said: The Red Dawn movies & Homefront set up economic and international situations that lead to either Russia or North Korea (both in the new Red Dawn and Homefront) to be able to invade. The America in the stories is not the America of the real world; the Russia/North Korea is not the Russia/North Korea of the real world. This means real world circumstances do not apply. (Although one of the creepiest aspects of the new one is that they were able to use real news clips to set up the alternate world.)

So then the movie is about domestic insurgents using IEDs and guerrilla tactics to defeat foreign invaders, paralleling the Iraqi and Afghani experiences that you said were so stupid as to not be worth commenting about?  

  1. peakskeletonism said: Nothing in fiction ever applies to reality because they don’t take place in *our reality*!
  2. visualamor said: Oh SNAP!
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