November 1, 2012
Benghazi is Watergate! Except, it isn’t …

So I got this (below) in response to my comment that by focusing in Benghazi, the right was pretty much acknowledging Romney is going to lose.

I am hoping you are kidding but you probably aren’t.

Maybe we are talking about Benghazi because it is a Watergate-style cover up where people DIED, truly demonstrating the moral character of our Commander-in-Chief. The MSM is covering it up; again just-like Watergate.  

Maybe because many of us are students of history - or old enough in my case - to know that the truth will come out and there will be consequences, eventually.  Watergate was in June 1972, but Nixon was elected that year and it took until August 1974 (a moment I’ll never forget) for the President to resign.  

Had we known what had happen in that case would it have been a President McGovern?  Maybe, for the break in itself, but for the cover up? yes.

But that is nothing compared to the Benghazi cover up.  So it shakes out that the State Department and the White House knew what was going on as it happened and lied to the American people about it being a YouTube video and there is a sitting President Obama.  He gets impeached, and we’ve got President Biden/VP Boehner or if Biden is also impeached, a Boehner/Inoyue (unless the Republicans take the Senate).

But it isn’t just that we’d suffer the embarrassment and the economic hit and all the other things that happened in the early 70’s relating to Watergate all over again, or even that we’d have good ol’ President Joe Biden:  it’s just that there is something so fundamentally wrong with everything that happened there: two attacks we knew nothing about, requests for security shot down from the White House, and then the lies about the YouTube video after the 9/11/12 attacks - on the day you’d think additional security would have been a given.

The people, and not just Republicans or the friends and families of the four people who dies, want answers.

To which all I can say is:

  • Benghazi was a horrible thing.
  • If presidential elections turned on foreign policy blunders, George W Bush would not have been reelected. His stupid war in Iraq killed thousands of Americans, tens and more thousands of Iraqis, involved vast corruption, and led the United States to torture other people, subvert the rule of law, and mistreat returned veterans, both wounded and otherwise. Benghazi, as horrible as it was, doesn’t even come close.
  • Watergate was a multi-year, vastly expensive, presidentially-led and presidentially-ordered effort to subvert American democracy. It started with the plumbers breaking into Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office in 1971 and ended when the tape was released (in July 1974) in which Nixon was overheard to order the CIA to obstruct the investigation of the Watergate break in (in June 1972). If — IF — Benghazi was a coverup, rather than an understandable misunderstanding in the midst of chaos, it was a coverup for fully what, 8 days? 10?

Benghazi was a horrible thing. Watergate? Don’t make me laugh.

—oh, and if Obama is impeached, John Boehner would not become VP. Biden would pick a new VP. As Nixon picked Ford when Agnew resigned, and Ford picked Rockefeller when Ford assumed the presidency.

—oh, oh: and it’s not fair to accuse the mainstream media of covering up Watergate. First, it was EXPOSED by the Washington Post, and second, it was a conspiracy … like, secret, hard to figure out … I guess Obama’s people just aren’t as good at conspiracy as Nixon’s were.

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