February 17, 2012
Running Chicken: Inside #Politics

This goes for me, too—Politicalprof. Well put, Ari—


Back in May 2011, I wrote a post that complained about the sad state of the Tumblr Politics tag; I wrote another in July 2011 because I thought there ought to be somewhere to feature more global political content. There‚Äôs been a whole lot more written about the tag over the past few…

  1. fashionwhore777 answered: socialism works!!!!!
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  3. seamusiteverwas answered: Hm. I’m excited for Squashed & bummed for you. I’ll still be following though. I followed before I realized you were an editor. :)
  4. anticapitalist answered: Mohandasgandhi thenoobyorker paxamericana and kileyrae are some good blogs to follow for awesome (foreign) political content.
  5. jessebud answered: I may not agree with every view you have, But I respect your right to shout them from the mountain tops without punishment. Good blog =)
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    You say nice things about azspot, which makes me wonder: will you also be promoting your own posts like he regularly...
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  8. zachvaughn answered: I eargerly await posts on the option. In all serious.
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    kohenari : /thanks, Ari, for the commendatory words :) Surprised, I was, this morning, when I went to click on “little...
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