November 2, 2011
One More Thought

Well no, no it wasn’t. Not even vaguely.

China may have been North Korea—ehh—but the notion that American capitalism led China’s transformation gets the causality backwards. What changed China was Deng Xiaopeng and the Chinese Communist Party elite’s decision to create a state-dominated, Communist party-controlled crony capitalist regime that entailed substantial globalization of labor and capital flows, with few if any concomitant political freedoms. CCP policy transformed global capitalism every bit as much as global capitalism has shaped modern China. And China is about to start paying the environmental and demographic prices for its particular path to state-infused capitalist growth.


One more though to add to this—China was basically North Korea before American companies started exploiting its workers right out of starvation.  This was probably the best thing to happen to humanity in the last fifty years, so if you find yourself deriding it, maybe, just maybe, consider the possibility that you’re wrong.

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