October 7, 2011
Improve American democracy: stop electing these positions!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty certain that governance in the US would be improved if we stopped electing a lot of people at the state and local level we currently elect. Such as:

—judges. Seriously. Do it the US Constitution way with impeachment. You can even term limit them if you need to. But giving $ to judicial campaigns stinks no matter how legal it is.

—Sheriffs: For sure. The moment you make law enforcement a campaign tool, you get political enforcement, not law enforcement.

—States’ attorneys/district attorneys: Ditto.

—Coroners. Really: we elect the coroner here. On what basis? You don’t need any qualifications at all to be a coroner where I live. There’s your CSI for you.

—County clerks; registrars; recorders of deeds: you name it. If people are worried about their elections, the offices are about elections, not service.

No doubt there are lots of other positions—and no, I don’t mean “Congress,” etc.

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